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Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sea buckthorn has been prized for years as a Caucasus winter remedy for a variety of ailments. Luscious and packed full of skin-replenishing and anti-aging components, the sea buckthorn oil is phenomenally rejuvenating for mature and dry skin.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Sourced from Gegharkunik Region
Used in:
Night Serum, Hair Serum, Sea Buckthorn Soap, Lemongrass Soap, and Freshness Soap.
Although its name may suggest otherwise, sea buckthorn does not actually come from the sea. It is a hardy shrub that grows in Europe, Central Asia, and North America. Preferring sunny environments, it can be found plentifully near lakes and seasides. It is no surprise that in Armenia, sea buckthorn trees grow in the area surrounding the country’s biggest lake, Lake Sevan. This plant has tiny golden berries, filled with healthy yet delicate seeds. We use a CO2 extraction method to obtain its powerful oil.  
Skin Benefits
The oil of sea buckthorn seeds is an incredibly potent anti-age treatment. It keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle-free for years to come, thanks to an abundance of beta-carotene, a fantastic skin protecting antioxidant that is also responsible for the orange color of the oil. Dry and fragile skin will be revived and strengthened by sea buckthorn oil, due to the high content of the antioxidant vitamin E present in it. Those with sensitive skin and excessive redness will love how clear and even their skin will look after using products containing this oil, because of skin-soothing beta-sitosterol and omega-6. 
Hair Benefits
Sea buckthorn seed oil is also excellent for strengthening and restoring the hair and scalp. It can calm, moisturize, and protect a dry scalp, with a collection of fatty acids and antioxidants. When applied directly to the strands, it coats the shaft and smoothes down the cuticles, thereby preventing pollution and sun exposure from damaging the hair.  
A Few More Reasons to Love Sea Buckthorn
The rejuvenating properties of the sea buckthorn oil also apply when it is consumed. It has been extolled for years as a winter remedy, which plays a part in why sea buckthorn juice and syrup are so popular in Armenia. The latin name of the plant, Hippophae, literally means “shiny horse” in ancient Greek, because it was observed that horses that consumed the fruit had shinier manes.    


Nourishing & Rejuvenating
 37 700 Dram 
Volumizing & Nourishing
 15 500 Dram 
 3 300 Dram 
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