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Tips For Lovely Winter Skin
26 January, 2018 / by by Maya Adivi

Winter in Yerevan is something else. The difference between the winter and summer seasons here is marked by mood as much as it is by temperature. Everyone begins to bundle up in coats, scarves, and hats, as the weather gets crisper and drier. The skies turn dark, as do the expressions of the passersby. And then, suddenly, a layer of snow falls over the city, and the mood changes into one of wonder and joy.   

We’ve all experienced cracked lips and wind-burned hands especially during the first days of winter before we consistently remember to wear scarves over our faces, and gloves over our hands. Our skin tends to become dry and dehydrated, because the humidity is suddenly drained from the air. It is often even worse indoors, because of artificial heating. Because of that, in the winter time it becomes most critical that we take care of our skin and keep it healthy. I have some suggestions here that will keep your winter skin baby soft, and this whole season a breeze!    

1. Step Up Your Moisturizer Game

The moisturizer you use in the summer time is unlikely to suffice in the winter time. You need to step it up with something a little bit richer, and that has a lot of humectants, in order to boost your skin’s moisture content and prepare it for the harsher conditions. For example, if in the summer time you were using the Nairian Moisturizer for Normal Skin, in the winter time switching to the Moisturizer for Dry Skin will be your best bet.

2. Get on the skin layering trend

Skincare layering is a given in some communities, and as far as combating winter dehydration and dryness goes, it’s the way to go! By layering different kinds of moisturizers, you can hydrate your skin more thoroughly, and protect it better from the harsh elements of winter. You want to start with a hydrating toner - the Nairian Toner contains Cucumber extract, an absorption enhancer that will allow your skin to take in more of  the next product, your rich winter moisturizer. The final step, to lock in all that goodness and prevent moisture evaporation, should be a protective balm like this Night Serum. A more robust routine, like this one, will seriously boost your skin’s moisture content, making it ready to face the cold winds of the season.

3. Sunscreen

We assume that in the wintertime, because we can’t feel the heat of the sun on our skin, its rays must not be harming us anymore. However, this assumption is wrong. The sun’s UV rays are still present -  even on cloudy days, 80% of the sun’s rays still reach the earth. If your city gets snowy white winters, you’re actually getting double the sun exposure, because the snow reflects the UVA and UVB rays. As you might already know from my post on sun safety, exposure to these rays is harmful to our skin in multiple ways. On one end of the spectrum, sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging, while on the other end it can cause potentially fatal skin cancer. This is why, even in the winter timer, we must protect ourselves with sunscreen.  

4. Hand Mask + Cream

The uncovered parts of our body require a little extra attention in the winter time, because they take a lot of environmental damage - thankfully, we keep most of our skin covered. Our hands, however, often have to bare the cold more than other parts. To prevent dry and cracked knuckles, give your hands a luxurious overnight treatment at least a few times a week. Before bed, cover your hands in double the amount of Hand Cream you would normal use․ If your hands are especially dry, cracked, or wind-damaged, put a pair of plastic gloves on over everything. Over the course of the night your hands will absorb the maximum amount of cream possible, while the gloves will prevent any moisture from evaporating. When you wake up your hands will feel impossibly soft and nourished!    

5. Change socks often

One of the best things you can do for your feet this winter is regularly change your socks. While a good pair of woolen socks will trap heat and keep you warm, they also might trap sweat and moisture. Long term exposure to dampness can breakdown the top layer of the skin, and cause irritation. Keep your feet healthy by making sure your socks are always clean and dry. At the end of the day you can moisturize them with a moisturizing Foot Cream, so they stay hydrated without the damage.

6. Turn on the humidifier

The heaters we turn on in our homes to stave off the coldness of winter actually compound the dryness of the air. In a heated home the humidity can drop as low as 10% (for reference, the ideal relative humidity is 40%). This isn’t only a problem for our skin - severe dryness can irritate our mucous membranes, and increase our chances of getting colds and other wintertime illnesses. Consider turning on a humidifier in your home, so that your skin will have an easier time staying hydrated, and your sinuses will stay clear.

7. Lip Balm, But Not Just for the Lips

Lip balm might seem like an obvious suggestion - after all, if your lips feel chapped, that is the first thing you would want to apply. However, another part of our face that needs a little extra attention in the winter time is our nose, especially around our nostrils. Constant congestion and nose blowing leave our noses red, and the skin dry and irritated. The Nairian Lip Balm will certainly help hydrate and calm chapped lips, but it can do the same for the nose. It will also protect the two from further damage, because it is rich in occlusive beeswax and olive oil. These occlusive ingredients prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin, and additionally, they create a lubricating layer that will prevent friction from harming the skin, whether it’s caused by tissues or woolen scarves. Simply apply a thin layer to your skin throughout the day, as needed.

8. Skip the boiling showers ...or at least mitigate their damage

This tip is hard to write, because there is nothing more comforting than a hot shower on a cold day. However, these delightful hot showers are extremely damaging to our skin, both in the winter and summer. The hot water, especially when paired with a harsh, sulfate-based body wash, strips our skin of its natural, protective oils, allowing moisture to rapidly evaporate from our skin. There are a few things you can do to prevent this rapid dehydration: skip the extreme heat and shower using lukewarm water, switch to a moisturizing cleansing product like the Glintwine Soap, and moisturize your body immediately after jumping out of the shower with a rich Body Cream. I hope these tips help your skin survive the winter season! I’ll utilize most of them (although I’m not going to lie… It’ll take a lot more than dry skin to convince me to quit my hot showers), and count down the days until it gets warm again.

What about you? Are you looking forward for winter ending, or would you rather it last forever? Do you have your own tips or tricks for surviving winter? Let us know by commenting on Facebook, or emailing me directly at

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