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Cleansing Made Easy: Introducing the Micellar Rose Water
6 March, 2018 / by Maya Adivi


Maybe you can relate: it’s evening, you’re tired, you’ve been out and about all day, and you don’t want to know what kind of pollutants your face is covered in. Maybe you’ve been wearing a full face of makeup since morning. The last thing you want to do is get up, go to the sink, and repeatedly rinse your face with water, splashing the rest of the bathroom in the process, in the attempt to get it all off. The Nairian Micellar Rose Water makes this whole process simple and pleasant, and I can’t emphasize how much I appreciate its addition to the product line.

Getting to test this product before its release was a big treat for me, and I was very sad to run out of the sample. It makes the face cleansing process not just easy, but extremely enjoyable.

What is Micellar water, and how does it differ from other cleansers?

Think of micellar water as a product that exists somewhere between cleansers and oily makeup removers. It’s an oil-free product that breaks down and removes makeup (as well as other nasties), but does not require rinsing off (unless you have sensitive skin).

It’s a great, no-fuss makeup remover, and is especially cherished by anyone who needs skincare on the go. This includes frequent travelers and makeup artists. To use it, you simply pour a bit of micellar water onto a cotton pad, and wipe the skin until all makeup is removed. You can follow it up with proper cleanser for a deeper cleaning, or you can simply finish off with a splash of toner and some moisturizer.   

The Science of It

The word “micellar” refers to micelles - tiny clusters of surfactant molecules that float in liquid. Surfactants are molecules that can bind to both oil and water, and allow them to mix. In cleansers, the job of the surfactant is to bind to oil-based things like sebum or makeup in order to remove them. The surfactants used in most cleansers are too harsh to leave in contact with the skin, but the surfactants used in micellar water are gentle enough that for most skin types, it’s okay if a few stay behind, along with all of the beneficial ingredients that are in the micellar liquid.  

What makes the Nairian Micellar Rose Water extra special?

The ingredients that make this new micellar water really shine are the rose water and rose essential oil. Extracted from organic Damask roses, these fragrant ingredients have an incredible effect on both the skin and the mood. You can learn about the effect of rose water and rose essential oil on the skin here and here, but in short: they are hydrating, full of antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental damage, and are even able to increase the effects of other ingredients and to reduce the visible signs of skin aging.  

Where the rose really elevates the cleansing experience is in its effect on the mood. There is some preliminary research suggesting that inhaling the fragrance of rose can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety after both regular use as well as in the short term. The research that has been conducted is in no way wide-ranging enough to come close to conclusive, and it doesn’t suggest essential oils as replacements for  but it merits giving it a try! From my own experience I can attest that inhaling rose oil always puts me in a better mood. There is something transformative about inhaling that fragrance as I cleanse my skin with the Micellar Rose Water, and once I finish my skincare routine I feel calm, happy, and relaxed.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try it for yourself!

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